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Growing tired of ‘having that sinking feeling’ which afflicted her every afternoon about 4 o’clock, Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford in 1840 plucked up the courage and asked her servants for a tray of tea, bread and butter, and a cake to be brought to her room. As she grew into the habit, she spread it among her friends... The English Afternoon Tea was born.


The Rose’s Cream Tea Special   £12.50
This popular twist to the Duchess of Bedford’s afternoon tea is the ideal refresher after an afternoon building up an appetite experiencing the historic Oxford. First: choose one of the 17 varieties of tea from our Tea Guide. Second: enjoy a fine selection of finger sandwiches, including the classic cucumber & cream cheese, the finest organic salmon, and egg & cress mayonnaise. Should you like any amendments, please consult with the staff. Third: to satisfy your sweet tooth, indulge in a freshly baked scone served with clotted cream and a rich, fruity strawberry jam. Fourth: finish off with a slice of home made cake from our display.
The Rose's Classic Cream Tea £7.50
A pot of tea of your choice, served with two freshly baked scones. These come with the best clotted cream we have come across, surprisingly coming from the Cotswolds rather than Cornwall. Finally there is a pot of strawberry jam that's to die for, positively bursting with fruit.
The Rose's Light Afternoon Tea £6.95
If you prefer your afternoon tea with a proper English tea cake, home made from organic flour, kneaded slowly and loaded with currants, baked on the premises and toasted to your order, then this is the choice for you. Served with butter and strawberry jam.

In addition, we also serve a selection of home-made cakes.

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